How to Create a Bunny Costumes

When it comes to sexy costumes, playboy bunny costumes are always the best choice. No matter on Halloween parties and costume parties, or in boudoir, bunny costumes can be found everywhere. Although there are numerous bunny costumes in the market, some people just love matching the look by themselves to express their uniqueness. So what’s the basic elements of a seductive bunny costume? We got the answer.

 $8.70 Sexy Party Lace Bunny Costume Teddy By Eve's Night
$8.70 Sexy Party Lace Bunny Costume Teddy By Eve's Night

The most important part of your bunny costumes would a bodysuit. If you are preparing costumes for parties, a quality black silky bodysuit is recommended. But for those who are preparing for a romantic night, a transparent lacy teddy would be perfect. The color for bodysuit can be black or white, or both of it. All of these would be classic. This is really up to you and your own style.

Accessories are the soul of costumes. So is the same with bunny costumes. The most obvious feature of a bunny is ears and furry tail. You can DIY a long and thin earpiece or buy it online. Ears can be pink and white, which goes with white bodysuit perfectly. For a black teddy, I would choose black lace or mesh headwear. About the tail, you can sew a fluffy round ball on the back of your bodysuit. To add a touch of sexy style of Playboy bunny costumes, fishnet stockings are what you need. Stockings with wide holes or small ones can both work well. It all depends on your preference.

High Heels
How can you create a perfect bunny look without a pair of high heels? High heels can lengthen your legs visually. What’s more, high heels enable women walk in a more charming way. The colors of it depend on your bodysuit. Black color can never go wrong.

Jewelry is another great way to accessorize Playboy Bunny costumes. A pearl necklace is in exceptional good taste for the occasion and will look great with the outfit. The most important thing though is to have fun, so don’t do anything that you aren’t comfortable with.

Sexy, Erotic Lingerie for the Hot Xmas Season

The most suitable and appropriate pieces of the sexy lingerie could help you to turn the passion into any man and make them feel like they are sky rocketing. What kind of erotic sexy lingerie could bring you and your partner a hot and unforgettable Xmas night? We all know that as there are so many lingerie stores, online or offline, are all now holding the sales promotion. It’s very bewildering to pick up the right one for you.

Before Eve’s Night introduce several sexy and erotic lingerie to you for the Hot Xmas night, you have to ask you below:

1. What is significant to you and your partner? For some guy, domining leather suit could boil the heart. But for some, the role-playing costumes, like the maid or bunny costumes could bring out that effect. What you have to do is to explore more about you and your partner. Knowing what comforts you while igniting the passion of your partner before you make any decision for your Xmas night.

2. Talk to your partner about your idea. It doesn’t mean to tell him which design you are going to wear, but which style, which fabric he likes the most. Only after you know enough of your partner could you bring out the surprise and passion inside of your partner.

If you have settle down all these, it’s time for you to pick up your sexy Xmas lingerie from the uncountable options.

Let Eve’s Night introduce you some hit and hot sexy Xmas Lingerie.

1. Strapless Bustier
Like the Retro Lace Zipper Corset by Eve’s Night, the strapless bustier is the one that could strengthen your breasts as well as your waist line. Wearing it can make you a better body shape, so it could make you much more seductive than usual. Also, matching halter garner and other accessories would reach a better effect at the Xmas Night.
Retro Lace Zipper Corset By Eve's Night

2. Sexy Open Teddies
Teddies are the lingerie which would cover your own defect in the body shape which show your naked body in a sexier way. Like Rhinestone Ruffles Open Cups Teddies by Eve’s Night, the Rhinestone rimed on the lace teddy could make the body of you more sparkling, then to ignite the passion between you and your partner.

Sheer lingerie and costumes could bring out an effect that you are hiding but you are exposing your own body at the same time.Like the Wedding Lace White Bridal Babydoll by Eve’s Night, the simple but elegant design with lace element would make you like a pretty fairy, so as to provoke an other strong impression from your partner.

Your bedroom is a place for exploration for the sexual relationship between you and your partner. Maybe you are now confusing which item you should pick for this Xmas night, but after exploration so many times, you won’t get lost, you know what kind of sexy lingerie could turn your partner on while keeping you in comfort, you know what kind of the sexy lingerie could arouse all the passion gone between you and your partner.

Dos & Don’ts When Dressing Up for a Night Out

Going to club after a wearing-out work weekA stunning clubwear can light up your mood for a great time. But it can also destroy it at the same time. So it’s crucial for you to dress up perfectly. You can anything sexy and attractive. But don’t overdo it. Here are some dos and don’ts you need to thinks before hitting the club.

Lace Long Sleeves Black Asymmetrical Mini Dress By Eve's Night

Do - show off some skin.
It doesn’t mean that you should dress like Rihanna on CFDA. Crop tops are on the trend these days. Appropriately expose your waist or belly will be hot enough. Also an open back mini dresses or maxi dress with side slit can be a good choice. It depends on which part of your body make you feel more confident.

Do - put on sexy high heels.
Some girls are just not into that high heels stuff. But club is definitely where you need to come with your most striking heels. High heels enable your leg looks longer and slimmer. What’s more, it’s the perfect shoes that go with your sexy party dresses. Put on your best heels and enjoy their attention.

Don't - wear too much jewelry.
Jewelry can highlight your clubwear for sure. But if you put tons of jewelry on, it will make you look cheesy instead of chic. If you'll be wearing a top that is low cut, you ought to wear a nice necklace. Wear just one bracelet instead of a bunch of them. And a bracelet is not necessary when you are in long sleeves dresses. Keep it simple.

Retro Sleeveless Black Cut Out Cocktail Dresses By Eve's Night
Don't - have a huge bag over your shoulder.
Huge bag is better when you going out with your babies, for you can take everything needed with you with. But it’s not a good idea for club. A small handbag is enough to carry the basics for the evening. What’s more, a big size bag looks to clumsy for a sexy mini dress.

You don’t have to follow these rules strictly. After all, the most important thing for a night out is being in a party mood. These suggestions can make your dress more easier when you are new to club. Being confident and a merry mood can give you a fun night!

Top 5 Women’s Sexiest Moments

Women are the most beautiful and sexiest creature on earth. You don’t have to strike a pose or put on erotic lingerie. You are sexy just the way you are. There are 10 moments men find women most seductive.

Being shy 
Women’s shyness when kissing and hugging can definitely turn him on. Do you remember the Isabelle Adjani in Diabolique, she was so shy when being kissed, which stuck in most men’s mind. And the movie Camille Claudel, the blush on her face just like a rose is amazingly charming.

Long hair hanging over smooth shoulders
Scientific survey found that men found all attractive women has one feature, that is healthy hair. Women’s naked smooth shoulder can always make man fall into a reverie. Maybe that’s why Meryl Streep conquers Robert De Niro.

Touching you lips with you fingers
That’s always how porn starts. You can easily understand why it’s so flirting to men. You can touch your lips with fingers, or lick your lips with tongue naturally. Tease him with a ice cube or cherry in your mouth works the same.

Wet looks
See how hot the wet looks lingerie sales in erotic lingerie store and you will see how men are addicted to such things. Remember the scenes when drenched Helen Hunt standing in front of the door of Jack Nicholson, which won a girl with plaid face an Oscar Award.

Walking around with satin sleepwear in your house
Satin lingerie can highlight the smooth skin of women, that’s why a satin sleeper is a must-have in women’s wardrobe. The scenes of Gwyneth Paltrow in light green silky babydoll in Dial 'M' for Murder still fresh in my mind.

Men’s attention towards Women on Bed

What men cares about when they are having sex with women? Don’t worry, the nail, elbows and even some ingrown hair on your breast are not the points. They pay attentions to some other details which may determine whether you both are having a great sex!

1. Your interest
If you just take the sex with your partner as some routines, your man may think you don’t take it seriously and not all interested with the sex you have with him. But, how to show out your interest and your initiative about it? Why not try to dress some sexy and hot babydoll lingerie, turn on the top and roll with your men? It would be very hot.

2. How you move your body
If you are thrilled with the sex, you will move to a great degree, instead of being stiff, which would cold the passion ignited inside from your man. Engage your own body into the sex, it would turn your man on much more easily, and it could make you both feel sensual.

3. What you look at
What are you looking at during the sex is very important. Do you turn your sight on the floor, or just see your man with emotions? Sometimes, your sight would tell your man how you are feeling about the sex.

4. Your Breath
If you are really enjoying the great sex you have with him, you would not breath as usual. If you think it very excited, your breath would be shorter than usual. Whisper some romantic or dirty words to your man, it will be great!

5. What kind of Lingerie you are wearing

A woman who is willing to invest in the sexy lingerie she is wearing for the sex could signify the importance of her man. It has not to be very expensive, but it should be something delicate, showing your own care about your partner.

Sexy Lingerie is the Best-Seller in Women’s Wear

The sales report of, one of the biggest international retailing platform shows that the best-seller among women’s wear is lingerie, among which sexy lingerie account for 41%..

The total sales amount of sexy lingerie was US$ 34.2 billion in 2013, about 7% of women clothing consumption. We can firmly predict that sexy lingerie will still be in active demand in the following 3 years.

The women’s wear category was valued at US$684 billion (£414bn) in 2013, accounting for 48% of total global apparel sales. The category is set to expand by a further US$91.8 billion (£55.6bn) to 2018, with 58% of this increase coming from China alone.

In western countries, like US and UK, brand awareness has been built and fashion trends plays a part in their selection. In developing markets, such as china and japan, brand consciousness is weak, and lack of high quality products.

There is no doubt that prominent brands like Victoria’s secret remain as the leader in lingerie market. While some new brands are emerging, for example, Eve’s Night, a new lingerie brand from NY, based in china has developed rapidly. And a wholesale sexy lingerie online store was launched this year.

Sexy Lingerie Could Turn Old Marriage Young Again

As sexy lingerie has gain more and more popularity among the young generation, many old married couples believes that there’s nothing of the sexy lingerie to do with them, not the mention their marriage. However, sexy lingerie is not a privilege of the young. It can also be a right for the old marriage couples. In fact, it does good to the old married couples in many ways.

1. To revoke the passion between the old married couples.

Women always complain about that their husbands pay less attention to them after they got married. People would get bored if they always get along with a certain people. So do people do when they are in a relationship, whatever it is, for a very very long time. Why not try something to revoke the passion in the past? Men would get excited if they see the different side of you in the bedroom.

2. To build up the confidence of a woman as well as a wife.

We have seen too many married women lost their feminine confidence after their marriage, especially the housewife who have given born of their own babies. They are worried that their attraction has lost for they are no long as young and as good shaped as they were before. The lace and other element of the sexy lingerie can not only make them look more elegant and ladylike, but build up and recover their confidence as a wife and as a woman.

Being old is not a terrible thing. Either, being old married is not boring. Every new attempt for old married couple could bring up their passion and make them young again.

5 Fashion Ways to Wear Scarf in Winter

Every chic won’t miss a scarf in winter, which keeps you warm and cool. But do you really know how to wear a scarf to highlight your look instead of ruining it? Let’s show you 10 ways to do it.

As kerchief
It’s Audrey Hepburn who started this trend, which add a touch of vintage style of this way to wear scarf. Fix one end of scarf behind your shoulder, the other end goes around the front to the back. With a vintage fur coat and bell-bottom trousers, you can create a charming 60s style.

As a top
Did you image to wear your long wool scarf as a top? You can do that by leaving the hem lower than your waist, and the center part around your shoulder. Please don’t wrap it too tight. Natural ruching is the key to these look. It will look great with a pair of boots

As a rope
If you fancy a neat style, wear the scarf as rope fits you best. Twist your scarf to one direction and then put it around your neck. So easy! Goes with a fitted leather jacket, a smart OL looks comes out. You can keep it warm and neat.

On your shoulder
Who said scarf is supposed to be around the neck? Put a textured scarf around your shoulders. One hem on the front, the other end on the back. The key to this way is a textured scarf and asymmetry length. Create  a perfect  modern look  with a cool sunglasses and large handbag.

Put it under your belt
The trend was created on Burberry Prorsum 2014 autumn collection. Fold your long scarf around your neck and put it under your belt. Or you can have one hem under the belt and the other side outside. 

How to have a Victoria’s Angels Body Shape?

Most of us feel amazed to the fantastic Victoria’s Secret show as well as the angels on the show last week. They all looked hot and sexy in the delicate and beautiful Victoria’s Secret’s lingerie. Many men adore the perfect body shape of those angels while many women and girls dream to have the same perfect body shape. But, how the perfect body shape of the Victoria’s Angels being built? There are some tips about that.

First of all, set a goal. You must have a goal before you get a plan to do it. So, you have to design your goal, for example, being able to wear that sexy and hot lingerie of Size M. Once you have set up your goal, you know where you should arrive, and get to do a plan for how to achieve the goal.

Divide your plans in different periods. Maybe in the beginning, what you have to focus more on is to reduce your import of meat and eat more vegetable and fruits in a day. But in the middle of the process, you may stick to doing more exercise. It would be better to consult a coach about the exercise and shape building.

You may think that, well, those angels have more time to do exercise than us. That’s why a plan is very important in your body shape building schedule. Don’t get upset if you don’t have many time for exercise. You can try to find some available time to do some exercise which needs little energy, like standing for half an hour after your lunch, or even swigging your hands when you are at work. This could help, though the effect may be shown after quite a long period.

To have a jealously perfect body shape, you need not only to plan, but to pay. No paid, no gain. You will feel that all you paid is worthy just on the day you can wear the sexy lingerie you have never imagined you could wear before. 

Exploring Classic Looks of 90s Supermodels

Supermodels are dream of every men. At the same time, they are dreams of every women. Wanna know how to look like a supermodel? Check the classic looks of 6 supermodels.

Gisele Bündchen is the model of highest income in the world at present. This Brazilian model is honored as “the comeback of sexy model” by Vogue, who ended the times of paper-thin models. She had been active as Victoria’s Secret Angel from 2000 to 2007.

Gisele Bündchen always show up at the red carpet with deep plunging V neckline maxi dresses.

Linda Evangelista is one of the influential model in history, who said “We don't 'vogue'; we are vogue.” “We don't wake up for less than $10,000 a day.” She always was compared with beautiful icons like Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor. Unlike Gisele, Linda are unique for her androgynous style. You can make a linda look without a pair of well-design suit pants.

As a supermodel showing on magazine covers for more than 10000 times,  Claudia Schiffer said “In order to become a supermodel one must be on all the covers all over the world at the same time so that people can recognise the girls.” She was recognized as the most beautiful women in the world, and become the Muses of Karl Lagerfeld.
Claudia has a passion for lace long dress, with which she attract the attention of the world.

Cindy Crawford is one of the most popular American model from 1980s-1990s. her pictures was on nearly every magazines and fashion shows. She was awarded as “the sexiest female” and “the most beautiful people in the world ” by Forbes. Michael Kors appraise her as “Cindy changed the perception of the ‘sexy American girl’ from classic blue eyed blonde to a sultrier brunette with brains, charm, and professionalism to spare”
Cindy love showing off her skinny neck with halter designs. Try to create a Cindy looks with a halter maxi dresses.

Heidi Klum is the first German Angel of Victoria’s Secret. She’s not only own beautiful appearance, but business talent. She also won Emmy Awards for hosting in Project Runway. She is the model of the second highest income, be next only to Gisele Bündchen.

Different from the other models mentioned above, Heidi like showing her sexy legs instead of hiding them behind maxi dresses. You can always find her in mini dresses in shows and activities. With sequin and colorful tone, she looks playful and dynamic.

Tyra Banks is a supermoder, actress, singer and TV producer. She attend shows of Chanel, Valentino, Fendi and Victoria’s Secret. She is the sponsor of America's Next Top Model.

When it comes to her favorite styles, nude-colored dresses can be underestimated. Nude evening dresses can set her caramel skin off.

Vegetable Juice – Miranda Kerr’s Key to Keeping Fit

Miranda Kerr, famous as the model of one of the most prominent lingerie brand -Victoria’s secret, owns the body every girl dreams of. Although she is 31-year old, she still doing great as a supermodel in the world. She always share her secret of keeping fit with us generously. Do you wanna be as hot as an angel? Check the FAQ.

Q: you are spotted drinking juice very often, what kind of juice do you drink?
A: vegetable juice. It’s my source of vitamin every day. It’s coconut water and wolfberry. And I often add some chia, ginseng powder, cocoa and vitamin pills.

Q: what do you usually do after you get up in the morning?
A: the first thing I do is drinking warm lemon water. I always feel totally awake after that. And then massage with body bush to detox. Take a shower and do skincare. And then have breakfast, like a vegetable juice, egg, oatmeal or salad. I won’t miss my vegetable juice for a breakfast.

Q: When do you usually go to gym?
A: I will exercise at the morning if I have time. But sometime I have job from morning. So, all time is okay.

Q: What do you think is the simplest way to keep fit?
A: I think the simplest way is tighten your muscle all the time. No matter you are sitting in the office, or standing. Actually, stretch your different parts can also works. I do the same when I’s sitting in my car.

Q: What’s on your sports music list?
A: I listen to everything. Like Mozart, Frank Sinatra, Dr. Dre, and Jay-Z.

Which Bridal Lingerie is Better? Romantic one? Passionate One?

The most important lingerie a girl would ever buy may be is the bridal lingerie. Every girl wants an unforgettable wedding day and wants be show beautifully on that special occasion. Therefore, the importance of buying a suitable, hot bridal lingerie is equal to that of buying the wedding dress. A terrible choice of the bridal lingerie may ruin the whole beauty of the bride, who has dressed up delicately on that special and important day.

Which style is best for the wedding day? Shall it be romantic or passionate? Shall it be decorated with smooth satin, or silk? Well, girls prefer to the pure silk lingerie, because it is elegant and delicate. Also, the intimate and smooth fabric would care the skin of them. In addition, the silk lingerie would look more luxury, and it could make a girl much more feminine in it. This preference is more welcomed among the young brides.

Bridal White Satin Lace Long Robes By Eve's Night
However, some brides would prefer to other materials over that comfortable and smooth silk, like satin. The most popular one may be the pure white one. It could be in the body-shaper, or in the corset, with white bridal stockings. It’s very comfortable to wear it, and also, it does good to flatter your skin and your body.
Apart from the wedding ceremony, you also consider how to choose your bridal lingerie for your wedding night. It’s also important, though you don’t expose it to the public. When you take off your dress, it’s time to show yourself to your partner. No one would want to do in the routine as usual. We all want something different on that special night. Choose the nightwear which would pressed the spot light of your body and the shape. Choose the nightwear which would add some fun into that special night. With the lace or satin ribbon, it will add something romantic, elegant and feminine to you.

But don’t choose the style according to the popularity. The one fitting you the most is the best, after all. You should also take the taste and preference of your partner into consideration. Don’t make the purchase decision too hush. Spend some time, to study the style, to study the materials and find out which one is the most suitable. Which one would make you the most beautiful on that occasion. Many brides in today would choose a boutique with a consultant to help them make the choice. Try to bring your partner into it, it will make the day more interesting.

Sometimes it may be difficult to shop the most suitable one. There’s another place, where you may get the most satisfactory lingerie for your day. You can shop online, but before you buy that, you must know about yourself, your body, your size, your favor and so on. Not only the silk satin lingerie, but nightwear can be bought online. But at first, you must look into the catalog, and make sure it fit you the most.

Choose your husband like the way you choose your bridal lingerie

Husband, and bridal lingerie, the most relative connection between them is, you can only choose once. Once you pick up a wrong stuff, you may end up in regret. Then, how to choose a husband? Let’s see how to choose your bridal lingerie first.

Wedding Stretchy Lace White Babydoll By Eve's Night

First of all, you must choose your bridal lingerie according to your shape. You can’t wear the M-size bridal lingerie while you are of L-size. Likewise, choose your husband according to your values, even life style. Look, you can’t live with someone whose values you don’t acknowledge at all. If you do that, you will just feel uncomfortable, the same as the feeling you wearing a M-size bridal lingerie when you are only a L-size person.

Second, you must choose bridal lingerie whose color and style match your wedding dress. It will destroy your dedicated beauty plan if you just choose a bridal lingerie at random, not considering if the colors crash. So, put this into choosing a husband. If his own attitude towards life, or his living habit is quite different from you, there would be many conflicts between you. When you two crash in living style, the marriage is not a dreamy life for you two any more. Your marriage will end up in silence, broke up, fights and even divorce. To avoid such issue, the best way is to cut mistakes off from the very beginning.

Choose your bridal lingerie seriously. And don’t forget to choose your husband in the same way.

4 Things You Need to Stop Believing When Selecting Bridal Gown

Every girl dreams of putting bridal gown for her Mr. Right since she was young. We plan every detail carefully, the hotel, recipe, honeymoon destination, bridal lingerie, especially when it comes to wedding dresses. There are some mistakes you should avoid.

Satin wedding dress looks more upscale than organza dress
Actually, every bride-to-be lady should choose the fabric according to her preference and temperament. For graceful ladies, or those have passion for simple styles, satin bridal gown are recommended. However, organza dresses can highlight the cheerful mood of bride better. Satin dresses can be too much for youthful faces. In a word, the one speaking your characteristics suits you better.

Gloves can hide your thick arms
Gloves are classic bridal accessories, but it doesn’t work to make your arm look slimmer. Wedding gloves usually is light colors like ivory and champagne, which can make your arms swell visually. What’s more, gloves will attract more attention to your arms which you would like to hide. So think twice if you want to match gloves with bridal gown.

Only slim bride should choose mermaid dress
Mermaid wedding dresses are stunning, but only skinny brides dare to try. In fact, a well-fitted mermaid dress can make your pretty butt prominent, that’s to say skinny brides cannot show a mermaid dresses as well as a sonsy lady sometimes. As long as you are free from belly trouble, you can be as elegant as possible in mermaid wedding dress. Try one and you will be surprised.

Long-sleeved wedding gown is necessary in winter

Actually, you don’t have to choose a sleeved gown for winter wedding, unless you fancy one, because we seldom stay outside the door during the wedding. Also, you will feel too excited to be cold. 

5 Health Food for Weigh Loss

Still worry your body can’t look seductive even in sexy lingerie? It’s time to lose some weight. I hate diet, I know you do. In fact, you don’t need to starve to death to be slim. How to choose the right food for weigh loss? Check our tips.

Oats are rich in fiber, that’s to say it can slower our digestion and keep us full lingerie than others food. As long as you’re full, you will be less possible to desire for snacks. What’s more, oats are also rich in protein which is essential to keep our body healthy.

Blueberry is low-calories food. If you are in a diet, blueberry can be your best choice of fruit. What’s more, blueberry contains anthocyanin which can reduce the risk of cancer and Vitamin C best for skincare.

You must will think I’m kidding, cause everybody know nuts contain a lot of fat. Actually nuts are not only rich in healthy fats, but vitamin. Survey shows that between people have the meal of same calorie, the one have nuts everyday are more possible to slim down. But overeating is not recommended.

Most of us made the mistake that believe the sweeter the fruit is, the more sugar it contain. So when I start losing weight, I keep banana away. Actually, banana are beneficial for weight loss. Banana is rich in fiber. In ancient Japan, banana was planted to make fabric and paper. Food rich in fiber cannot be digested easily.

Black chocolate
If you are a chocolate lover, then black chocolate can help your diet plan might be the best news for you. Survey shows that black chocolate contain healthy fat that can slower the absorption sugar into blood stream.

Healthy food can beneficial for your weight loss, but overeating is never recommended. Made sure you keep the calorie you ingested everyday balanced.

In the second Marriage, Male count more than Female

Divorce rate is now higher in the society than that a decade ago. If you look into the data, you will find that, more men remarried than women did. In 2013, every four marriages in 10 were remarriages. Based the this issue, Eve’s Night launched a research about people’s attitude toward divorce and remarriage. It turns out that women are less remarried compared to men.

In the research of the widows or divorced women, over 60% of them are okay with the remarriage. However, in the research of women, about 40% of them hold that attitude. This difference is quite remarkable. Maybe it’s because the financial ability of women, though improved a lot through decades, is still not so good as that of men in average. A divorce for women might hurt their finance as well as their emotions. But on the other side, divorce might be a chance for women to get more independent, not only in finance but also in the emotional solution.

5 Romantic Little Things to Surprise Your Girlfriend

Every relationship gets plaid as time goes by. It doesn’t meant that you two doesn’t feel the same anymore. But it’s time to create little surprises to spice things up. Forget about the sexy lingerie idea, cause man never get the right size. Here are some tips.

1.       Take her to a nice restaurant
Show up at her workplace and waiting for her to dinner. The restaurant you two went before are recommended, for you know whether she will like it. Also, you can visit new restaurant with good review or her mentioned before. Something different can have totally fresh experience. Make sure she’s well-dressed can avoid awkwardness.

2.       Cook for her
If you have no decent restaurant available, cook for her can be a good choice, especially when you’re not the one cook usually. Men can cook is sexy. Cook her favorite dishes or something she may like if you are good at it. But if you are new to cooking, you can learn from her mother when you two visit her parents together. If you don’t have plenty time, an efficient option would be downloading the recipe from Google. Try simple dished like spaghetti if you are not confident.

3.       Write her a love letter
People don’t write love letter anymore, since we get Internet and telephone. Or you wrote for her before when the relationship started, but you don’t anymore. Actually love letter always work. It’s something can be keep for a life time. Tell her the words deep inside your heart instead sending message through Iphone. You’ll see how much she’s moved.

4.       Plan a trip secretly
Pick a time she might be not that busy at work, arrange a trip you two have been dreaming for a long time. Or an outing if a trip costs too much time. Prepare everything before you tell her. Book the tickets, hotels and buy something necessary like sunscreen cream if you are going to beach.

5.       Do the chore for her
If she’s the one who always do the housework, why not surprise her by finish the chore before she comes home. Building the shoe rack, doing the laundry, watering the flowers, showering her dogs and changing the light. She would be grateful to see you’ve done all of it.

Actually it’s quite easy for you to surprise her in daily times. Showing you care is the key. A luxury bag will never be impressive as a handwritten love letter on a $1 paper.