Top 5 Women’s Sexiest Moments

Women are the most beautiful and sexiest creature on earth. You don’t have to strike a pose or put on erotic lingerie. You are sexy just the way you are. There are 10 moments men find women most seductive.

Being shy 
Women’s shyness when kissing and hugging can definitely turn him on. Do you remember the Isabelle Adjani in Diabolique, she was so shy when being kissed, which stuck in most men’s mind. And the movie Camille Claudel, the blush on her face just like a rose is amazingly charming.

Long hair hanging over smooth shoulders
Scientific survey found that men found all attractive women has one feature, that is healthy hair. Women’s naked smooth shoulder can always make man fall into a reverie. Maybe that’s why Meryl Streep conquers Robert De Niro.

Touching you lips with you fingers
That’s always how porn starts. You can easily understand why it’s so flirting to men. You can touch your lips with fingers, or lick your lips with tongue naturally. Tease him with a ice cube or cherry in your mouth works the same.

Wet looks
See how hot the wet looks lingerie sales in erotic lingerie store and you will see how men are addicted to such things. Remember the scenes when drenched Helen Hunt standing in front of the door of Jack Nicholson, which won a girl with plaid face an Oscar Award.

Walking around with satin sleepwear in your house
Satin lingerie can highlight the smooth skin of women, that’s why a satin sleeper is a must-have in women’s wardrobe. The scenes of Gwyneth Paltrow in light green silky babydoll in Dial 'M' for Murder still fresh in my mind.