Men’s attention towards Women on Bed

What men cares about when they are having sex with women? Don’t worry, the nail, elbows and even some ingrown hair on your breast are not the points. They pay attentions to some other details which may determine whether you both are having a great sex!

1. Your interest
If you just take the sex with your partner as some routines, your man may think you don’t take it seriously and not all interested with the sex you have with him. But, how to show out your interest and your initiative about it? Why not try to dress some sexy and hot babydoll lingerie, turn on the top and roll with your men? It would be very hot.

2. How you move your body
If you are thrilled with the sex, you will move to a great degree, instead of being stiff, which would cold the passion ignited inside from your man. Engage your own body into the sex, it would turn your man on much more easily, and it could make you both feel sensual.

3. What you look at
What are you looking at during the sex is very important. Do you turn your sight on the floor, or just see your man with emotions? Sometimes, your sight would tell your man how you are feeling about the sex.

4. Your Breath
If you are really enjoying the great sex you have with him, you would not breath as usual. If you think it very excited, your breath would be shorter than usual. Whisper some romantic or dirty words to your man, it will be great!

5. What kind of Lingerie you are wearing

A woman who is willing to invest in the sexy lingerie she is wearing for the sex could signify the importance of her man. It has not to be very expensive, but it should be something delicate, showing your own care about your partner.