Dos & Don’ts When Dressing Up for a Night Out

Going to club after a wearing-out work weekA stunning clubwear can light up your mood for a great time. But it can also destroy it at the same time. So it’s crucial for you to dress up perfectly. You can anything sexy and attractive. But don’t overdo it. Here are some dos and don’ts you need to thinks before hitting the club.

Lace Long Sleeves Black Asymmetrical Mini Dress By Eve's Night

Do - show off some skin.
It doesn’t mean that you should dress like Rihanna on CFDA. Crop tops are on the trend these days. Appropriately expose your waist or belly will be hot enough. Also an open back mini dresses or maxi dress with side slit can be a good choice. It depends on which part of your body make you feel more confident.

Do - put on sexy high heels.
Some girls are just not into that high heels stuff. But club is definitely where you need to come with your most striking heels. High heels enable your leg looks longer and slimmer. What’s more, it’s the perfect shoes that go with your sexy party dresses. Put on your best heels and enjoy their attention.

Don't - wear too much jewelry.
Jewelry can highlight your clubwear for sure. But if you put tons of jewelry on, it will make you look cheesy instead of chic. If you'll be wearing a top that is low cut, you ought to wear a nice necklace. Wear just one bracelet instead of a bunch of them. And a bracelet is not necessary when you are in long sleeves dresses. Keep it simple.

Retro Sleeveless Black Cut Out Cocktail Dresses By Eve's Night
Don't - have a huge bag over your shoulder.
Huge bag is better when you going out with your babies, for you can take everything needed with you with. But it’s not a good idea for club. A small handbag is enough to carry the basics for the evening. What’s more, a big size bag looks to clumsy for a sexy mini dress.

You don’t have to follow these rules strictly. After all, the most important thing for a night out is being in a party mood. These suggestions can make your dress more easier when you are new to club. Being confident and a merry mood can give you a fun night!