5 Fashion Ways to Wear Scarf in Winter

Every chic won’t miss a scarf in winter, which keeps you warm and cool. But do you really know how to wear a scarf to highlight your look instead of ruining it? Let’s show you 10 ways to do it.

As kerchief
It’s Audrey Hepburn who started this trend, which add a touch of vintage style of this way to wear scarf. Fix one end of scarf behind your shoulder, the other end goes around the front to the back. With a vintage fur coat and bell-bottom trousers, you can create a charming 60s style.

As a top
Did you image to wear your long wool scarf as a top? You can do that by leaving the hem lower than your waist, and the center part around your shoulder. Please don’t wrap it too tight. Natural ruching is the key to these look. It will look great with a pair of boots

As a rope
If you fancy a neat style, wear the scarf as rope fits you best. Twist your scarf to one direction and then put it around your neck. So easy! Goes with a fitted leather jacket, a smart OL looks comes out. You can keep it warm and neat.

On your shoulder
Who said scarf is supposed to be around the neck? Put a textured scarf around your shoulders. One hem on the front, the other end on the back. The key to this way is a textured scarf and asymmetry length. Create  a perfect  modern look  with a cool sunglasses and large handbag.

Put it under your belt
The trend was created on Burberry Prorsum 2014 autumn collection. Fold your long scarf around your neck and put it under your belt. Or you can have one hem under the belt and the other side outside.