5 Health Food for Weigh Loss

Still worry your body can’t look seductive even in sexy lingerie? It’s time to lose some weight. I hate diet, I know you do. In fact, you don’t need to starve to death to be slim. How to choose the right food for weigh loss? Check our tips.

Oats are rich in fiber, that’s to say it can slower our digestion and keep us full lingerie than others food. As long as you’re full, you will be less possible to desire for snacks. What’s more, oats are also rich in protein which is essential to keep our body healthy.

Blueberry is low-calories food. If you are in a diet, blueberry can be your best choice of fruit. What’s more, blueberry contains anthocyanin which can reduce the risk of cancer and Vitamin C best for skincare.

You must will think I’m kidding, cause everybody know nuts contain a lot of fat. Actually nuts are not only rich in healthy fats, but vitamin. Survey shows that between people have the meal of same calorie, the one have nuts everyday are more possible to slim down. But overeating is not recommended.

Most of us made the mistake that believe the sweeter the fruit is, the more sugar it contain. So when I start losing weight, I keep banana away. Actually, banana are beneficial for weight loss. Banana is rich in fiber. In ancient Japan, banana was planted to make fabric and paper. Food rich in fiber cannot be digested easily.

Black chocolate
If you are a chocolate lover, then black chocolate can help your diet plan might be the best news for you. Survey shows that black chocolate contain healthy fat that can slower the absorption sugar into blood stream.

Healthy food can beneficial for your weight loss, but overeating is never recommended. Made sure you keep the calorie you ingested everyday balanced.

In the second Marriage, Male count more than Female

Divorce rate is now higher in the society than that a decade ago. If you look into the data, you will find that, more men remarried than women did. In 2013, every four marriages in 10 were remarriages. Based the this issue, Eve’s Night launched a research about people’s attitude toward divorce and remarriage. It turns out that women are less remarried compared to men.

In the research of the widows or divorced women, over 60% of them are okay with the remarriage. However, in the research of women, about 40% of them hold that attitude. This difference is quite remarkable. Maybe it’s because the financial ability of women, though improved a lot through decades, is still not so good as that of men in average. A divorce for women might hurt their finance as well as their emotions. But on the other side, divorce might be a chance for women to get more independent, not only in finance but also in the emotional solution.

5 Romantic Little Things to Surprise Your Girlfriend

Every relationship gets plaid as time goes by. It doesn’t meant that you two doesn’t feel the same anymore. But it’s time to create little surprises to spice things up. Forget about the sexy lingerie idea, cause man never get the right size. Here are some tips.

1.       Take her to a nice restaurant
Show up at her workplace and waiting for her to dinner. The restaurant you two went before are recommended, for you know whether she will like it. Also, you can visit new restaurant with good review or her mentioned before. Something different can have totally fresh experience. Make sure she’s well-dressed can avoid awkwardness.

2.       Cook for her
If you have no decent restaurant available, cook for her can be a good choice, especially when you’re not the one cook usually. Men can cook is sexy. Cook her favorite dishes or something she may like if you are good at it. But if you are new to cooking, you can learn from her mother when you two visit her parents together. If you don’t have plenty time, an efficient option would be downloading the recipe from Google. Try simple dished like spaghetti if you are not confident.

3.       Write her a love letter
People don’t write love letter anymore, since we get Internet and telephone. Or you wrote for her before when the relationship started, but you don’t anymore. Actually love letter always work. It’s something can be keep for a life time. Tell her the words deep inside your heart instead sending message through Iphone. You’ll see how much she’s moved.

4.       Plan a trip secretly
Pick a time she might be not that busy at work, arrange a trip you two have been dreaming for a long time. Or an outing if a trip costs too much time. Prepare everything before you tell her. Book the tickets, hotels and buy something necessary like sunscreen cream if you are going to beach.

5.       Do the chore for her
If she’s the one who always do the housework, why not surprise her by finish the chore before she comes home. Building the shoe rack, doing the laundry, watering the flowers, showering her dogs and changing the light. She would be grateful to see you’ve done all of it.

Actually it’s quite easy for you to surprise her in daily times. Showing you care is the key. A luxury bag will never be impressive as a handwritten love letter on a $1 paper.

How to Buy Lingerie to your Petite Busted Girlfriends?

Lingerie now, is not only a kind of apparel, but also acts of enhancement for a romantic relationship. In the past, lingerie was usually bought by female to flatter their partners. However, at present, more and more men choose lingerie for their girlfriends. But, it’s very difficult for men to choose a fitting lingerie for their petite busted girlfriends.

Shirley, a professional bra fitter in Eve’s Night will tell you how.
If you are not sure whether the bra or the corset is suitable or nor for your girlfriend, why not consider babydolls? Babydolls are not only easier for petite busted women to wear, but they are of many designs and colors. Don’t remember to think about whether it’s comfortable for your girlfriend. How she feels is very important.

If you really want to buy other lingerie, say, a bra, do some investigation about the size before your purchase. You can surf on the internet to know the size chart, and don’t feel shy to ask staff questions about the size and comfort. Don’t pay the bill before you are assured that it’s not only suitable but comfortable for your girlfriend to wear.

How to Start a Online Lingerie Store?

Lingerie industry finds a growing market today. Many people want to try their hands with such a great opportunity. Having an online store is a safer option than a physical lingerie boutique. However, without sophisticated plan, your ideas are doomed to fail.

Find your target markets. Lingerie market is quiet mature nowadays, but it doesn't mean you can get something out of it. At the beginning, try a niche market, some needs are overlooked or not pay enough attention to. Get inspired by conducting a survey online can be time-saving and low-cost.

Find a reliable lingerie supplier. People usually wholesale sexy lingerie from manufacturers around them. But sometimes, sourcing from overseas can reduce your cost, like China. Many Chinese manufacturers can offer low-price items, such as Eve's Night offering fast free shipping and no MOQ is required.
Drop shipper is another option which saves your trouble of effect shipping and inventory.

Secure a facility for housing your lingerie if you don’t intend to utilize a drop shipper. Rent a storage unit or small storefront or house your inventory at home in a secure garage.

Set up your own website. It's easy for all of us to build up a website of our own today. Some website can provide such service like weebly, which also contain an online shop function. You can use the template it provided or you can hire somebody to do them. The design of your website is very important for your business. Make it simple and user-friendly. After finished construction, invite several friends to try to place order on it. They might notice some bug you never think of.

Set up a PayPal account or other merchant account for accepting on line and off-line payments.
Choose a secure payment method. PayPal is recommended. PayPal is the most popular payment method online. Open a PayPal account will help a lot.


Marketing is inevitable for business. Social networks and email will be great place for you to advertising, which enable you to keep contact with your customers and distribute sales or new arrival information in time.

How to Keep your Boobs in Health

Seductive Open Cups Chains Babydoll Set By Eve's Night
Breasts are very important for women’s healthy life. Therefore, keeping your boobs healthy, is keeping you healthy. How to keep your boobs in a healthy state? Let Eve’s Night tell you.

First of all, keeping a healthy weight. Avoid eating too much fat, for it will add some weights to you, which, definitely does not benefit one’s health. Besides, according to research, there’s higher risk for those overweight to contract breast cancer than those who keeps a normal and health weight. Don’t have too much meat in your meal, balance it with more vegetable. It will not only help you keep fit, but help you stay in a healthy mood.

Second, do excercise regularly. In the modern life, many people ignore the merits of working out, and do excercise less and less. Reasonable excercise helps women build a perfect curve for their own body.

Third, have the body check in a regular frequency. Experts suggest women take annual clinical body check, so that women can know the health status of their body and breasts, and treatment for breast cancer is more effective in the early stage.

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