In the second Marriage, Male count more than Female

Divorce rate is now higher in the society than that a decade ago. If you look into the data, you will find that, more men remarried than women did. In 2013, every four marriages in 10 were remarriages. Based the this issue, Eve’s Night launched a research about people’s attitude toward divorce and remarriage. It turns out that women are less remarried compared to men.

In the research of the widows or divorced women, over 60% of them are okay with the remarriage. However, in the research of women, about 40% of them hold that attitude. This difference is quite remarkable. Maybe it’s because the financial ability of women, though improved a lot through decades, is still not so good as that of men in average. A divorce for women might hurt their finance as well as their emotions. But on the other side, divorce might be a chance for women to get more independent, not only in finance but also in the emotional solution.