5 Romantic Little Things to Surprise Your Girlfriend

Every relationship gets plaid as time goes by. It doesn’t meant that you two doesn’t feel the same anymore. But it’s time to create little surprises to spice things up. Forget about the sexy lingerie idea, cause man never get the right size. Here are some tips.

1.       Take her to a nice restaurant
Show up at her workplace and waiting for her to dinner. The restaurant you two went before are recommended, for you know whether she will like it. Also, you can visit new restaurant with good review or her mentioned before. Something different can have totally fresh experience. Make sure she’s well-dressed can avoid awkwardness.

2.       Cook for her
If you have no decent restaurant available, cook for her can be a good choice, especially when you’re not the one cook usually. Men can cook is sexy. Cook her favorite dishes or something she may like if you are good at it. But if you are new to cooking, you can learn from her mother when you two visit her parents together. If you don’t have plenty time, an efficient option would be downloading the recipe from Google. Try simple dished like spaghetti if you are not confident.

3.       Write her a love letter
People don’t write love letter anymore, since we get Internet and telephone. Or you wrote for her before when the relationship started, but you don’t anymore. Actually love letter always work. It’s something can be keep for a life time. Tell her the words deep inside your heart instead sending message through Iphone. You’ll see how much she’s moved.

4.       Plan a trip secretly
Pick a time she might be not that busy at work, arrange a trip you two have been dreaming for a long time. Or an outing if a trip costs too much time. Prepare everything before you tell her. Book the tickets, hotels and buy something necessary like sunscreen cream if you are going to beach.

5.       Do the chore for her
If she’s the one who always do the housework, why not surprise her by finish the chore before she comes home. Building the shoe rack, doing the laundry, watering the flowers, showering her dogs and changing the light. She would be grateful to see you’ve done all of it.

Actually it’s quite easy for you to surprise her in daily times. Showing you care is the key. A luxury bag will never be impressive as a handwritten love letter on a $1 paper.