How to Start a Online Lingerie Store?

Lingerie industry finds a growing market today. Many people want to try their hands with such a great opportunity. Having an online store is a safer option than a physical lingerie boutique. However, without sophisticated plan, your ideas are doomed to fail.

Find your target markets. Lingerie market is quiet mature nowadays, but it doesn't mean you can get something out of it. At the beginning, try a niche market, some needs are overlooked or not pay enough attention to. Get inspired by conducting a survey online can be time-saving and low-cost.

Find a reliable lingerie supplier. People usually wholesale sexy lingerie from manufacturers around them. But sometimes, sourcing from overseas can reduce your cost, like China. Many Chinese manufacturers can offer low-price items, such as Eve's Night offering fast free shipping and no MOQ is required.
Drop shipper is another option which saves your trouble of effect shipping and inventory.

Secure a facility for housing your lingerie if you don’t intend to utilize a drop shipper. Rent a storage unit or small storefront or house your inventory at home in a secure garage.

Set up your own website. It's easy for all of us to build up a website of our own today. Some website can provide such service like weebly, which also contain an online shop function. You can use the template it provided or you can hire somebody to do them. The design of your website is very important for your business. Make it simple and user-friendly. After finished construction, invite several friends to try to place order on it. They might notice some bug you never think of.

Set up a PayPal account or other merchant account for accepting on line and off-line payments.
Choose a secure payment method. PayPal is recommended. PayPal is the most popular payment method online. Open a PayPal account will help a lot.


Marketing is inevitable for business. Social networks and email will be great place for you to advertising, which enable you to keep contact with your customers and distribute sales or new arrival information in time.