Sexy Lingerie is the Best-Seller in Women’s Wear

The sales report of, one of the biggest international retailing platform shows that the best-seller among women’s wear is lingerie, among which sexy lingerie account for 41%..

The total sales amount of sexy lingerie was US$ 34.2 billion in 2013, about 7% of women clothing consumption. We can firmly predict that sexy lingerie will still be in active demand in the following 3 years.

The women’s wear category was valued at US$684 billion (£414bn) in 2013, accounting for 48% of total global apparel sales. The category is set to expand by a further US$91.8 billion (£55.6bn) to 2018, with 58% of this increase coming from China alone.

In western countries, like US and UK, brand awareness has been built and fashion trends plays a part in their selection. In developing markets, such as china and japan, brand consciousness is weak, and lack of high quality products.

There is no doubt that prominent brands like Victoria’s secret remain as the leader in lingerie market. While some new brands are emerging, for example, Eve’s Night, a new lingerie brand from NY, based in china has developed rapidly. And a wholesale sexy lingerie online store was launched this year.