How to Create a Bunny Costumes

When it comes to sexy costumes, playboy bunny costumes are always the best choice. No matter on Halloween parties and costume parties, or in boudoir, bunny costumes can be found everywhere. Although there are numerous bunny costumes in the market, some people just love matching the look by themselves to express their uniqueness. So what’s the basic elements of a seductive bunny costume? We got the answer.

 $8.70 Sexy Party Lace Bunny Costume Teddy By Eve's Night
$8.70 Sexy Party Lace Bunny Costume Teddy By Eve's Night

The most important part of your bunny costumes would a bodysuit. If you are preparing costumes for parties, a quality black silky bodysuit is recommended. But for those who are preparing for a romantic night, a transparent lacy teddy would be perfect. The color for bodysuit can be black or white, or both of it. All of these would be classic. This is really up to you and your own style.

Accessories are the soul of costumes. So is the same with bunny costumes. The most obvious feature of a bunny is ears and furry tail. You can DIY a long and thin earpiece or buy it online. Ears can be pink and white, which goes with white bodysuit perfectly. For a black teddy, I would choose black lace or mesh headwear. About the tail, you can sew a fluffy round ball on the back of your bodysuit. To add a touch of sexy style of Playboy bunny costumes, fishnet stockings are what you need. Stockings with wide holes or small ones can both work well. It all depends on your preference.

High Heels
How can you create a perfect bunny look without a pair of high heels? High heels can lengthen your legs visually. What’s more, high heels enable women walk in a more charming way. The colors of it depend on your bodysuit. Black color can never go wrong.

Jewelry is another great way to accessorize Playboy Bunny costumes. A pearl necklace is in exceptional good taste for the occasion and will look great with the outfit. The most important thing though is to have fun, so don’t do anything that you aren’t comfortable with.