3 Tips to Select Suitable Lingerie

In recent years, sexy lingerie is gaining its popularity .Therefore, there are more and more styles, patterns and designs of lingerie in the market: tight, seductive, lace-layered, garter belts, semitransparent,etc. However, do you know it’s very important to select lingerie fitting for you? Do you know how to select suitable lingerie? Below is tips about it put forward by Eve’s Night, one of the leading sexy lingerie brand.
Stretch Bangdege Lace Babydoll By Eve's Night

Strappy Sheer Mesh Flyaway Babydoll By Eve's Night

First of all, don’t get over-perferred to black lingerie. You should consider your own hair color as well as hair style before you choose the color of a lingerie. Besides, black is not the only color that could present the sexy and seductive image of women. Like Stretch Bangdege Lace Babydoll  and Strappy Sheer Mesh Flyaway Babydoll released by Eve's Night, red,  blue and hot pink can also make a woman sexy.

Second, you should consider whether the size or the design of a lingerie is coordinate with your own body. Though lingerie adorn with lace is very popular, it will make petite women look heavier. After all, closed-fitting is the most important when we are making purchase decision. For women of plump shape, many lingerie companies, including Eve’s Night, have unveiled lingerie with plus size. So there’s no worry about not finding lingerie of one’s own size.

Third, any detail should be focused on. Delicacy can show your own taste to your partner. Besides, lingerie of low quality or coarse design will make you uncomfortable, and thus your romantic night will probably turn out to be an awkward night for you and your partner.

Last but not the least, don’t choose lingerie with heavy decoration. Lingerie should be design in the convenience of being taken off. Simple is the best. That’s why most of the leading lingerie brand, like Eve’s Night, always release beautiful but simple products.

After reading all the tips, have you get a clear idea of how to choose lingerie most suitable for you?