Sexy Lingerie Shopping Guide for Belly Women

Every woman dreams of a body of Victoria’s Secret Angels’ bodies. However, reality is cruel. But nothing can stop us from buying beautiful sexy lingerie. So today, we will share some shopping tips to help you find the perfect lingerie to conceal defeats of your bodies to make you as sexy as an Angel.

Strappy Sheer Mesh Flyaway Babydoll By Eve's Night

Hide your imperfection
First of all, know your body shape and love it. Undoubtedly, big abs might be the last thing a belly women wanna show off, then choose loose-fitted styles. Babydolls made of chiffon and lace should be your second-to-none choice. Fabric like satin are also recommended. Chemise and teddies of leather and mesh would be a disaster, trust me. 

Lace And Bow Sheer Mesh Babydolls By Eve's Night

Show off the best parts
Stop complaining about your belly. You will find you have an admirable hip and perfect breasts. Draw attention to the parts you are pride of. Try to highlight your breast with embroidered cups or ruffles. And show you bottom with novel design G-string.
Retro Elegant Lace Satin Halter Babydoll By Eve's Night

Colors Matters
Solid colors work better than patterns. Large patterns can easily draw attention. So avoid patterns on belly if you want to look hotter. Dark colors like black, navy blue and Burgundy are recommended. 

Being Confident
As the survey we conducted before showed, men tend to find confident women are more attractive. Don’t be afraid to show your body to him because of little disadvantage. What’s more, you can change it by workout like the Angels do. Girls, be confident and rule the night.