Eve’s Night Conducting Shooting of New Collection

In these days, Eve’s Night, the emerging sexy lingerie brand, is conducting the shooting of its upcoming collection.

In order to present the realest image of its products, Eve’s Night has been insisting on having all its products shot on location. “We believe that nothing else but on site shooting could give our customers the most vivid vibe of our brand and our products. If our products were took in front of the wallpaper, what we values and what our brands is to convey could not be presented,” says the manager of Product Department.

Amy, a staff of the shooting group, exemplify the shooting as battling. “Everyone wants the satisfactory effects, and therefore, we pay attention to everything from posture to the subtle details of the scene and the costumes. I believe that, the debut of the new collection will be as satisfactory as it is always to be.”

What stories of the brand and its products will Eve’s Night tell?  New collection will be available on Eve's Night B2B at the end of September. Let’s look forward to debut of the said new collection.