Playful Costume is Shown on Divorce Lawyers, a Hit TV Drama in China Mainland

It has brought up a popular topic among people in China mainland that Yaochen, acting as the leading role in Divorce Lawyer, a hit TV series in the mainland. Putting playful costumes onto the big screen is rare in the mainland, since the Boardcasting and TV Office has published related rules to ban affectionate plots in every TV series.

As the photo relaeased, many netizens comment that Yaochen become much adorable in that maid costume.

Yaochen in Maid Costume in Divorce Lawyer

The plot of the TV drama is that Luoli, acted by Yaochen, is to tempt Chihaidong, the male leading character, in the maid costume and Chi cannot resist the seduce.
“This plot shows us that playful costumes can really revibrate romantic relationships,” says the sales director of Eve's Night. “We all know that after a long time, we will gradually fall into boredom against our partner and romantic relationship would get worse and worse if nobody pay attention to the problem, that's why people need lingerie, that's why we want to create Eve's Night.”

Indeed, lingerie has been more and more popular as it really helps to keep couple in their honeymoon state. Aside from maid costume, nurse costume and policewomen uniform also fall into the domain of playful costumes.