20% Asian Women is Satisfied with Her Body

Eve's Night
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Eve’s Night conducted a survey online on degree of satisfaction about body shape among women in China. Result shows that no more than one fifth women are happy about their body shape, lower than the women in western countries.

Survey reveals that more than 60% women care about their figures. And one in two women is no satisfied with their body shapes, particularly the young girls aged 17 to 25. Only 20% women is content with their figures.

The survey also proves that most of women wear shapewear to impress their partner. Especially the women with smaller size are more likely to wear fitted undergarment. That’s to say, women of smaller size are more likely to be confident about their bodys.

Concerning the perfect women body shape, men holds different opinions from women. Actually, men are not that into slim figure as women do. 50% men claim that they prefer curvy women. What’s more, 61% men find women confident about themselves are more attractive.