How to Create Vampire Look for Halloween

Halloween is around the corner. Have you prepared for your Halloween looksToday, we ganna present you some tips of creating vampire look for Halloween.

Vampire Ruffles Strapless Plus Corset By Eve's Night
Victorian corset
A victorian corset plays the most important part in a vampire look. Red satin corset with sweetheart make a seductive vampire. Or black leather cincher with white puff sleeves top would complete a gothic vampire look.

Revealing Leather Strapless Corset By Eve's Night

Black hair is mysterious and matching perfectly with your vampire look. Considered as an elegant creature, vampire should dress decently. So, Make sure your hair is smooth and shiny.

Pale skin is the symbol of vampire, as vampires are said to be hiding from sunlight. Apply foundation lighter than your skin tone. Remember covering you neck, or it will look strange and unnatural.

Retro red lips would be the most vibrant part of vampire makeup. Try blood-red or garnet, the colors you never dare to wear at daily time.

Eye shadow
For most looks, use a purple eyeshadow with black mascara, and perhaps a touch of a dark-colored eyeliner if you still need your eyes to "pop" a little. Or Light red eyeshadow all around the eyes is good because it gives an appearance of being dead.

Please don’t bite anyone with your fang, or your fang would be damaged.