Displays your charms at the costume party

In so many movies,costume party give the hero and heroine a romantic chance to show their love to each other, just like Romeo and Juliet. Of course, you will also have a good chance of meeting your Mr Right, and now let me show your how to displays your charms at the costume party.

If you have a opportunity, you must want to become the most shining masquerade at the costume party. So, please don't forget to select a beautiful fashion, remember to have pierced and decorated lace. But most you shouldn't forget are mask and delicate makeup. So, do you know how to get their makeup in the masquerades out? 

1.Keep your makeup clean. In the ambiguous and shining light, clean makeup or not will directly affects the degree of grace. So, you should choose the liquid foundation which can create high-quality, delicate makeup color, the color can be brighter once than your skin. And add some flash powder into eye shadow painted which is in matching with the garment,  to increase timely transparency and light sense.

2.Make your eye makeup charm. If the mask is your choice, then we should emphasize the charm of your eyes. The source of charm are the eye shadow color and the makeup of eyeliner and eyelash. Both of them is the key. the costume party is a game of color, so you can choose red, gold, green or pink to create eye makeup seductive. Because the liquid eye shadow with glittering factor have strong moisten ability, especially for the environment like masquerade, so I recommended using liquid eye shadow to refreshing yourself. In addition, eyeliner and long eyelashes or artificial eyelash can also emphasizing exaggerated sense of drama.

3.Create shiny and moisture lips makeup. The mysterious party always have shiny moist lips against the sexy woman. Lip gloss, lip gloss is good, and you should prepare a tube with you to do backup.

Follow these tips, you can enjoy the costume party and even meet your Romeo. Good luck!